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Last Minute Halloween Costumes
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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is the best, right?

I've always enjoyed playing dress up, so I especially love creating original costumes this time of year.

I truly can't remember the last time I wore a store-bought costume - even as a child I was blessed with a mother who had the time, skills, and patience to sew my Halloween costumes for me - and I love putting looks together with what I already have in my wardrobe.

My favorite costume as a child was when I went as the new blue M&M (very timely for 1995, thank you very much), and my favorite costume of recent years was when I dressed up as hipster Ariel, pairing some black frame glasses with a red wig, stitching scraps of an old purple t-shirt onto a beige cami, and making a mermaid tail out of some incredible metallic fabric I found at Jo-Ann Fabric.

It's only fitting, then, that I share some last-minute costume ideas from the Hazel & Rose closet. Not only will you look amazing, you'll be sporting gorgeous ethical fashion and have amazing pieces that you'll want to wear every day after Halloween.

The first costume is as simple as they come: a beatnik. Black turtleneck and black slacks: check. Simple black loafer-like shoes: check. Add some sunglasses, a beret and a cigarette and you're ready to share some enlightenment.

Top: Eenvoud // Pants: Wray // Shoes: Fortress of Inca

Beatnik PoetBeatnik PoetBeatnik Poet

Ghost costumes are ubiquitous at Halloween, but instead of the old sheet with two holes for eyes, I like the sartorial twist of pairing chic ivories and whites together. The wide leg vintage linen feels like it's of another era, and the long tie detail of the top trails behind mysteriously.

(Let the record show that the blurred images were an artistic choice to add some mystery to the look.) 

Top: Sechung // Pants: Megan Huntz


The Addams Family epitomizes Halloween, and Wednesday Addams is a go-to costume for the minimalist dresser. Pair a sleeved black dress with a white collar shirt, add black tights, shoes and some side braids, and complete with a face that says "don't mess with me".

Dress: Ursa Minor // Top: Ajaie Alaie // Boots: Fortress of IncaWednesday AddamsWednesday AddamsWednesday Addams

We can't forget the matriarch of the Addams Family. This washed silk dress isn't floor length, but it still brings the drama of Morticia Addams. If you really want to complete the look, layer a longer black skirt underneath to give the appearance of a gown, but I think it looks just as amazing with black tights and boots. Just don't forget the red lip.

Dress: Winsome // Boots: Fortress of IncaMorticia AddamsMorticia AddamsMorticia Addams

This skirt must have been inspired by dancers. The silk has the most gorgeous movement and is the loveliest shade of blush pink. Paired with a simple bodysuit it flows with the same grace as the ballerina who wears it.

Bodysuit: Botanica Workshop // Skirt: PlanteBallerinaBallerinaBallerina

It's an election year, so we can't forget to include the one and only Hillary Clinton. A pantsuit is powerful and classic. You will be completely ready to make herstory as a fellow #nastywoman. 

Blazer, Top, & Pants: Sechung // Pumps: The PalatinesHillary ClintonBallerinaHillary Clinton

Last but not least, why not dress like your favorite Disney cartoon heroine spy: Kim Possible. Olive pants, a black turtleneck, and a cool yet functional belt bag allow you to handle any sitch, and a handheld device will let anyone call you or beep you if they wanna reach you.

Top: Eenvoud // Pants: Esby Apparel // Belt Bag: Vere VertoKim PossibleKim PossibleKim Possible

If these costumes aren't what you have in mind, Ecocult has offered eight more tips to creating a sustainable Halloween costume

And please, please, PLEASE remember that cultural appropriation is not a costume. Here's another excellent article (also written by Alden Wicker of Ecocult) that dives into what that means and why it's problematic.

Have a wonderful Halloween!