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Tue-Sat 11am-5pm

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Skirts 101
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Skirts 101

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Skirts are weird, right? They feel dressier than pants or shorts, but not as dressy as an actual dress, so sometimes they feel like they exist in this middle space that leaves everyone confused. Do you wear them casually? Can you wear a skirt to a wedding? 

Don't worry, everyone. We are here to help.

We've developed some strong feelings for skirts this season, and we found some stunning options that we couldn't wait to style. 

the high waist slim skirt

Ajaie Alaie Skirt

A twist on a classic. A pencil skirt is nothing new, but when you add a button-up design that allows you to choose how dramatic the slit will be, it feels fresh. This stunning hyacinth color doesn't hurt, either. 

One of our go-to styling moves for a slim skirt is a simple tee. It's classic and can easily transition from work to post-work drinks and dinner. If that doesn't quite feel like enough, adding a blazer makes it complete.

This Vincetta blazer has a vintage feel and elevates the look without making it seem stuffy. The blazer doesn't need to match, and you will look and feel #likeaboss.


  • Vincetta Notch Blazer
  • By Signe Silk Blend Tee
  • Neal Jewelry Currents Lariat Necklace
  • Ajaie Alaie Transitional Skirt
  • About Arianne Galo Heel
  • ajaie alaie skirt

    Vincetta Skirt

    I used to be afraid of crop tops, but then I discovered the majesty of the high-waisted bottom; the two were made for each other. 

    A simple cropped top adds some playfulness to this skirt, creating an easy summer outfit. 

    Each of these pieces comes from matched sets (see below for that gorgeousness), but we are here to tell you that matched sets are not required to be worn only as matched sets! Mix and match the separates, have fun, and create new looks.

    vincetta skirt

    the pleated midi skirt

    Stil Apricot Skirt

    We think a pleated midi skirt makes an excellent substitute for shorts. They are just as easy to wear and style, but they feel a little more elevated. 

    A classic button-up shirt is an easy option to pair with any skirt and, like a simple tee, is easy to find. Honestly, if you don't have a trusty button-up in your closet, you should; they never go out of style.

    We love the lived-in feel of this vintage shirt with this skirt and how it brings a skirt that can easily seem too specific or dressy to a place that's more casual and approachable.

    stil skirt

    Stil skirt

    Full midi skirts aren't just for hot summer days and nights, they transition easily across seasons with an easy knit pullover and the right accessories. We decided to keep Mother Nature guessing with a light sweater and some open-toed wedge slides.

    stil skirt

    the matched skirt set 

    I told you there was some matched set gorgeousness coming. We can't really say no to a matched set - it's like a unique dress silhouette, but because each piece is separate, there are multiple ways to wear everything.

    Here is where I think our skirts can be easily dressed up and worn as an alternative to a dress. The Ajaie Alaie set will make for a particularly lovely outfit at a summer wedding, and I would absolutely love to see a bride-to-be rock the Vincetta set for her shower, bachelorette, rehearsal, or wedding. 

    matched set ajaie alaie

    matched set stil

    matched set Vincetta

    matched set vincetta