Maker Spotlight: Plante

Maker Spotlight: Plante

Hazel & Rose is thrilled to feature Plante in the shop this spring. The brand has a fresh, feminine vibe, beautiful fabrics, and is created by two sisters, Leah and Becky Plante,
who live in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Plante Clothing Lotus Dress - exclusive to Hazel & Rose.Plante Hazel Dress. Sustainable fashion made in USA. Hazel & Rose.

Plante garments are notably feminine, and each season’s collection draws inspiration from a specific detail of nature, such as butterfly wings and botanical gardens. Influenced by their biologist father, and with a new appreciation for the natural world after having lived in New York City, they endeavor to tread lightly on the environment, even as they keep their design and production operation in Charleston and New York City.

Plante Clothing Rosemary Skirt. Sustainable fashion made in the USA. Hazel & RosePlante Lotus Dress. 100% linen dress made in USA. Exclusive to Hazel & Rose.

As part of their design process, Plante has several sustainable features that I
appreciate. I love that they aim to be part of a slower fashion culture in order to
combat the ethical problems of fast fashion encountered in their past work. I am
smitten with their efforts to choose natural fabrics and that they will even try to
substitute a fabric if I think that there may be a better available choice for the shop
(Hazel & Rose has pledged to be free from synthetic fabrics - excepting those that are recycled and deadstock - by Fall 2017). Additionally, they work hard to reduce waste (a major fashion industry problem) by producing only as much as they need, designing around extra materials and supplies, and donating unused fabric to schools and sewing programs.

Plante Rosemary skirt. Sustainable fashion made in USA. Hazel & Rose.Plante Lotus Dress. 100% linen exclusive to Hazel & Rose. Sustainable fashion made in USA.Plante Hazel dress. Sustainable fashion made in USA. Hazel & Rose

Their design process makes it clear why I am so excited to carry Plante at Hazel & Rose, but also, just look at how gorgeous these clothes are! The Spring 2017 pieces in the store
right now are reminiscent of a Japanese water garden, evoking “refreshing,
shimmery, cool, and fluid” feelings. The beautiful light blue linen Lotus dress, a
design exclusive to Hazel and Rose, along with some additional earth-toned linen
pieces, are excellent examples of these natural inclinations.

Maker Spotlight: Plante. Sustainable fashion made in the USA. Hazel & Rose

Come into the shop to try them on and hear more about these fantastic designers!

Items pictured: Hazel dress, Lotus dress (exclusive to Hazel & Rose!), Rosemary Skirt, Tilley Blouse by Ursa Minor, Caelum Slide Sandal by the palatines

Model: Megan McCarty

Photographer: Athena Pelton

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